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Thrive’s designers make up the beating heart of our organization. Our designers are visual storytellers who use design to enhance and emphasize every aspect of our clients’ work. Thrive designers are adept at concepting and collaborating, and have mastered the art of brand visual design. They push the boundaries of visual language, ever mindful of not just how something looks, but how it feels and how it functions. Thrive designers are at home presenting layouts and concepts to clients and internal teams, and their ideas are fresh, strategic, and always on-brand. Thrive designers are skilled in all aspects of the design process, including the translation and application of all brand guidelines. While Thrive’s approach to visual design changes with every project, the principles that guide our design process remain steadfast. We believe in Design Thinking, which means you should too, and we use research and data to inform every design decision, from preliminary sketch to finished product.


Manage the quality and execution of digital assets, typography, logos, and icons.

Concept and collaborate with other Visual Designers, Digital Strategists, and Social Media Coordinator.

Manage the quality of design throughout all phases of a project, whether related to social media, external pitches, or website work.

Manage the quality of social design deliverables, ensuring they meet Thrive Creative standards and client brand guidelines.

Design irresistible social layouts that support social messaging.

Collaborate directly with Copywriters and other team members to align creative concepts and deliverables.

Work with Account Manager and Chief Strategist to ensure creative concepts and design are on-brand and strategically sound.

Work with Account Manager to ensure design deliverables are delivered on deadline.

Stay abreast of design trends on various social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram) as well as in print and digital advertising.


Three+ years of design experience in web and mobile, advertising, and typography.

Proficiency in Mac OSX, Figma, Sketch, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and Acrobat.

Has a proven ability to produce powerful, creative work, and a passion for, and understanding of, design, including typography and layout.

Has a proven ability to both concept and create.

Is willing to do good work and get shit done.

Is willing to embrace challenges while looking for ways to innovate through design.

Is willing to put ego/emotion aside, accept constructive criticism, and pivot productively as needed.

Has experience in creating visual designs for websites, social platforms, and mobile applications.

Is a strong listener and observer of local trends in real life and online, and can translate those themes into brand design.

Has a deep understanding of all social media platforms and their design capabilities.

Is able to lead by example and by design.

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